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CfA: New KWI International Fellowships

We are happy to announce that KWI is offering the fifth cohort of fellowships for the duration of six months from 1 October 2022 until 31 March 2023. Those interested can apply UNTIL 28 FEBRUARY 2022. For detailed information please find the full call here.

The KWI INTERNATIONAL FELLOWSHIP PROGRAMME addresses excellent researchers from the humanities and social sciences. Candidates for fellowships will have a completed PhD plus up to six years of post-doctoral experience. The fellowship should be dedicated to research linked to one or more of KWI’s focus areas and consistent with its interdisciplinary agenda.

CfP: Writing Workshop
"Schreibwerkstatt für Promovierende"

Academic writing poses continuous challenges, not least to PhD students in a pandemic situation. To provide PhD students with hands-on input on writing strategies and opportunities to discuss all things related to PhD life, we will continue our KWI writing workshop series. From 7 April to 10 April 2022, we invite doctoral students from the humanities and social sciences who are at advanced stages of their projects.
Deadline: 18 March 2022


CfP: "Die Poesie der Reformen" Diversity Management in Higher Education in Germany

Proceeding from the observation that diversity is among the key concepts of our present, this workshop is centred on the question of how manifestations of sociocultural diversity are processed and institutionalised in the German higher-education sector. The workshop will also include a podium discussion with prominent guests who are advancing "cultural change" in different institutions.
Deadline: 23 January 2022

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Popular Expertise

With ten weekly entries appearing on the blog pages of KWI and the SFB 1472, the blog series "Popular Expertise" presents exemplary phenomena of expertise communicated through mass media and online media, putting them up for debate. Modes of communication in pandemic times (for example, advice column formats, the role of music in protest, Twitter…) will be considered as well as forms of popularised science communication beyond Covid: the popularisation of populism, elite discourses on migration, art criticism on YouTube and much more.
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UA Ruhr Meets International Guests

Exchanges have always been an essential component of KWI's activities. We are part of a regional consortium of universities in the Ruhr area and we cooperate closely with our local partner institutions. At the same time, our work thrives on an international outlook that taps into debates and developments in the social sciences and humanities abroad. In the new online instalment of our Carte Blanche lecture series, KWI will provide a platform to bring these two networks into conversation. In each session, an international guest speaker will present original research, which will then be discussed by a scholar from the University Alliance Ruhr.
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"From the Welfare State to the Eco-State?
Production and Protection in the Twenty-First Century"
17 Jan., 18:00 (CET), ZOOM
Speaker: Pierre Charbonnier (CRNS-Sciences Po Paris)
Respondent: Corinna Mieth (RUB)

In his lecture, Pierre Charbonnier questions the sustainability of forms of social protection that depend on productivity policies. For political philosophy, this is an important turning point insofar as the question of "the environment" spills over into the organisation of work, risk management, planetary limits and the discipline of capital.


Anna Aslanyan presents her book Dancing on Ropes: Translators and the Balance of History
15 Feb., 18:00 (CET), ZOOM
Speaker: Anna Aslanyan
Respondent: Friedrich Balke (RUB)

Anna Aslanyan is a journalist, literary translator and public service interpreter. Her book Dancing on Ropes: Translators and the Balance of History, released in 2021 by Profile Books, traces the ways in which translators and interpreters have influenced and shaped historical events and the course of diplomacy.


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CineScience Fear + Film

Fear is focused on the future and based in the past. As a "time-image", cinema has employed fear since its beginnings, both as a theme and as a form. But when do which fears become active? How are fears generated in films, with which tools? These and other questions were explored by KWI researchers and guests as part of the long-standing CineScience series at Filmstudio Glückauf with three events in the winter semester: Fear + Digitalisation with sociologist Martina Franzen, Fear + Sound with journalist and film scholar Oswald Iten and Fear + Visibility with photo historian Matthias Gründig. This sequence was a continuation of the 2021 special focus on Fear+. 
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January / February / March 2022

The ColloKWIum provides a platform to present and discuss ongoing as well as emerging research projects. In addition to addressing projects within KWI – including the work of our new fellows – it is open to guest lectures that tie in with the institute’s research agenda. This semester’s rich programme ends on 16 February 2022.


"Feuer und Flamme"
Sustainably Controversial Urban Transformation?
Climate change poses ongoing challenges to our society. Even though many agree that action urgently needs to be taken, the ways in which changes can be brought about are often highly contested, ultimately threatening social cohesion. In three evening lectures, we will address key questions of urban transformation related to mobility, nutrition and the future planning of inner cities. This series is a cooperation between Forum Kreuzeskirche e.V., Marktkirche Essen, Initiative für Nachhaltigkeit Essen e.V., KWI Essen and Evangelische Akademie im Rheinland.

Auto? Läuft?! Mobilität nachhaltig kontrovers?
3 Mar., 18:00 (CET), Kreuzeskirche Essen

Was is(s)t Essen? Ernährung nachhaltig kontrovers?
17 Mar., 18:00 (CET), Kreuzeskirche Essen

Wohnzimmer Innenstadt? Stadtentwicklung nachhaltig kontrovers?
31 Mar., 18:00 (CET), Kreuzeskirche Essen 


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"Und jetzt ich" – Hanna Engelmeier and Danilo Scholz discuss (auto)biographies of scholars
Autobiography has long been a source of fascination for researchers, inviting discussion on the writing of history, fictional and factual narration, subject constitution and psychodynamics. The past two years have seen an increase in the publication of texts in which researchers explore themselves and their kind as a topic, connecting the need for reflection on the development of research fields with the advantages of the (auto)biographical form.


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Collected volume: Theresienstadt – Filmfragmente und Zeitzeugenberichte. Historiographie und soziologische Analysen (Springer VS 2021), edited by Hans-Georg Soeffner, Marija Stanisavljevic and Lara Pellner
In Theresienstadt – ghetto, transit camp, concentration camp – deported people were forced to participate in film recordings, which became well known as a perfidious part of national socialist propaganda with effects lasting until today. This collected volume explores the special status of Theresienstadt on different levels, through interviews with contemporary witnesses alongside sociological, philosophical and historical reflections. 

Geht Doch (Verbrecher Verlag 2021) by Rembert Hüser, edited by Hanna Engelmeier and Ekkehard Knörer
Rembert Hüser is among the most exceptional authors of German cultural and media studies, and this collection assembles and curates a range of his works, some of which were never published before. Covering popular culture, film, philology or art, Hüser’s texts oscillate between essays, collages and miscells and methodologically challenge disciplines and their textual conventions.

Mit Geld spielt man nicht! Glücksspiel und "Glücksspielsucht" im parlamentarischen Diskurs (transcript 2021) by Gerd Möll
A lot of money is at stake: in 2019, Germans lost more than 16 billion euros in gambling.
After decades of wrangling, politicians have decided to legalise the gambling market on the Internet – addiction experts are alarmed. Against this background, Gerd Möll examines the gambling discourse in various state parliaments and in the Bundestag. His analysis shows that "gambling addiction" is presented as a medical issue on the one hand, but based on moral concepts of reality on the other. The problem pattern of "gambling addiction" is thereby instrumentalised for different social interests, furthermore legitimising a new control system.

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Dwelling – between Shelter and Interior Design

More and more, the "four walls" of people’s own homes – if they have homes – are becoming projection surfaces for societal developments as well as literary and artistic production. During the summer semester of 2022, researchers at KWI will explore phenomena related to dwelling, seeking shelter and home design between business models and the formation of taste from cultural studies perspectives. Various formats will include invited guests and events devoted to the topic.
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